The Best Places to Hike in Australia

If you love the great outdoors, Australia offers plenty of ways to escape in nature. Not only does the country offer varying landscapes, it also gives visitors a chance to see some spectacular rock formations, beaches, and cliffs. You will be awed by what you see when you take a holiday in Australia. Whether it is in the Outback or trekking along the West Coast of the country, this region is truly a spectacle in more ways than one.

The Overland Track in Tasmania

In fact, Australia has so much to offer for outdoor enthusiasts and hikers that it is hard to choose exactly where to take your walks. One of the multi-day treks you might want to try is the Overland Track, located in Tasmania. The Overland Track spans 65 kilometres, and can be walked over a period of six days through Cradle Mountain-Lake St. Clair National Park. Trekkers may walk by themselves. However, they must book a reservation with the country’s Parks & Wildlife Service, or use one of the provided guided-walk operators if they wish to go it alone.

Take a Side Trip

Some of the highlights of this hike include Marion’s Lookout, which offers lovely views of Cradle Mountain; Barn Bluff, which towers over an alpine plateau; and the Ferguson Falls as well. This hike is definitely worth the challenge – that is, if the weather permits. You can also take a side trip up Mount Ossa for an additional dose of exhilaration.

Don’t Forget to Hire a Car

Naturally, before you embark on one of the many hikes within Australia, you will want to check out the best car rental prices. Make sure you choose a vehicle that is good on gas, adequately sized, relatively stylish, and be sure to take advantage of promotional discounts in order to save money on your rental.

The Larapinta Trail

When travelling through this beautiful region, you will have the chance to enjoy numerous hiking excursions, such as the famous Larapinta Trail, which is situated in Australia’s Northern Territory. This hike is rather intimidating, as it meanders through an ancient and rugged landscape. Because it is quite remote, it is much safer to go with a tour group. One expedition company said the trek is their number one hike in the world. So, you don’t want to miss it if you are travelling with a group.

The Great Ocean Walk in Victoria

One of the most amazing walks in Australia is the Great Ocean Walk. The hiking experience spans 104 kilometres from Apollo Bay. The path winds through forests of eucalyptus and gum trees before reaching the Cape Otway Lightstation. Part of the landscape includes sand dunes and cliff-top tracks.

You can also inspect shipwrecks, and enjoy stupendous views of the rock formations of the Twelve Apostles. These limestone rocks are stacked in an unbelievable fashion, which is why this is an oft-photographed scene on this hiking trip. If you choose to take the hike by yourself, you can hire a shuttle service to transport your gear to each stop along the trek.

Six Foot Track in New South Wales

Having been in existence since 1884, the tracks along this hike once permitted horses to pass each other whilst travelling from Katoomba to the Jenolan Caves. Therefore, this particular walking path, which happens to be located in the Blue Mountains, is considered to be both iconic and historic. During the walk, you can cross over the unforgettable Bowtells Swing Suspension Bridge.